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Carroll Meadows Game Passes

 A game pass is like a pre-paid ticket book for playing golf. When you buy a game pass, you pay upfront to play a certain number of rounds at a golf course. It’s a convenient and often cheaper way to enjoy your favorite sport without having to pay each time you want to play. You can think of it as buying your golf games in bulk and getting a discount for doing so!

Types of Game Passes

Specific Types of Weekday Only Game Passes

Senior Game Pass

Rounds Available: 

5 rounds $125
10 rounds $250
25 rounds $550

Cart Included: Yes, cart use is included in each round.

Usage: Valid on weekdays only, making it perfect for seniors looking for quieter play times.

Adult Game Pass

Rounds Available:

5 rounds $140
10 rounds $280
25 rounds $650

Cart Included: Yes, each round comes with cart usage.

Usage: These passes are also valid on weekdays only.

Junior Game Pass

Rounds Available: 

5 rounds $125
10 rounds $250
25 rounds $550

Cart Included: Yes, includes cart use with each round.

Usage: Specifically for younger players, valid on weekdays.

Group Pass

Rounds Included: 50 rounds, $1250

Cart Included: Cart usage is included with each round.

Beneficiaries: Designed for 2 or more registered players (like family, couples, or friends).

Group Pass

Our Group Pass is ideal for families, couples, or friends who frequently enjoy golfing together:

Preset Beneficiaries: Designed for 2 or more players who are registered with a course profile.

Exclusive 50 Rounds: Ample opportunities to play, with a cart included for each round.


Game Pass Benefits

Cost Savings: Buying rounds in bulk through a game pass typically offers a significant discount compared to paying for each round individually.

Convenience: Game passes allow you to book tee times easily and avoid the hassle of daily payments.

Flexibility: With options for 5, 10, or 25 rounds, you can choose a pass that fits your golfing habits and schedule.

Shareable/Transferrable: Some game passes can be shared or transferred to friends or family, making it a versatile choice for those who may not use all the rounds themselves.

Extended Validity: Passes are valid until a set expiration date (e.g., December 31, 2024), giving you plenty of time to use all your rounds without rushing.

Cart Included: Each round in the game pass includes the use of a cart, enhancing the golfing experience by providing convenience and mobility on the course.

Ideal for Gifts: Game passes make perfect gifts for golf enthusiasts, offering them multiple rounds of golf at a premium course.

These benefits make game passes a popular and practical option for both regular golfers and occasional players!

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