About Trackman

The premier choice in golf technology. TrackMan delivers pinpoint accuracy in swing and ball flight analysis, equipping players and coaches with essential data for performance optimization. 

Whether for personal improvement, precise club fitting, or professional play, TrackMan offers the tools you need to excel. Walk-in tee times are also available!

Open until 8pm

Whether you’re practicing, playing, competing, or just having fun, find out what makes Trackman indoor golf a unique and standout experience.

1 Hour and 6 beers for $30

Practice at the range, Participate in the online tournaments or play games with the kids!

15 Minute Warm-Up Drill

Getting ready for a round? Try this drill to groove your swing, using the Practice on Range activity.

Sand Wedge

Hit 10 balls to nearest target

9 Iron

Hit 10 balls to next target

7 Iron

Hit 5 balls to next target


Hit 5 balls to furthest target


Hit 5 balls to same target

Sand Wedge

Hit 5 balls to the nearest target to wind down your swing

30 Minute Drive Drill

Play a game of Hit It! against yourself to stretch out and hit more fairways.

  • In the app, tap Play on Range OR the in-bay screen, tap Games
  • Select Hit It! – add two players
  • Player 1: Start slow and easy – focus on making solid contact
  • Player 2: Ramp it up – aim for 10% more distance on all six shots
  • Player 1: Grip and rip – go for maximum speed and distance
  • Repeat with max effort through remaining rounds

When you’re finished, tap Me in the app to see your average and longest drives.

The app provides full access to all data recorded during your TrackMan activities, both indoors and outdoors, enabling you to evaluate your performance in practice and play and monitor your progress, suitable for golfers of any skill level.

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